Love Poem to my Parents is a collection of solos by dancer/choreographer Michelle Marroquin with special guests Tony Silva on guitar, Zoe Darrow on fiddle, and Pan Morigan on voice. The evening explores themes of migration, hope and loss, through collages of family films, studied gesture, and iconic music. Love Poems shifts time and place, from the languid beaches of Veracruz, to the dusty roads of Georgia, through imagined memories and back again.

The music, both recorded and live, creates a bridge between worlds and generations, inviting the audience to contemplate their own heritage of migration and stories of love and loss.

Love Poems premiered at School for Contemporary Dance and Thought Saturday, September 23 at 8pm and Sunday, September 24 at 4pm.

Love Poems is the proud recipient of a Northampton Council for the Arts 2017 grant.