Day of the Dead Easthampton

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Based on the Mexican tradition that honors the dead, Easthampton celebrates with art and performances.
For the last two years, residents of Easthampton have responded to an open call to gather at Brookside Cemetery to honor souls of the departed. Met with the evocative music of Tony Silva and Pan Morigan and dances by Michelle Marroquin, ancestors are summoned and otherworldly figures descend from the hill. Dancers and musicians lead a candle-lit vigil through town to encounter artful remembrances along the way.
All are welcome; there are many ways to participate: Decorate a sugar skull, Create a Memory Box, or simply bring a photo or an object to place on the Ofrenda (altar). You are welcome to dress in Day of the Dead garb, join us at the cemetery, and be part of the procession!

Order of events:

10-12pm: Decorate a Sugar Skull at Flywheel Arts Collective, (old Town Hall) 43 Main St. Easthampton.
At this time of the year, bakeries all over Mexico display fanciful sugar skulls decorated with colorful icing. We carry on this tradition of creative expression and invite you to make your own.   More info and register at

1-3pm: Create a Memory Box at Flywheel Arts Collective, (old Town Hall) 43 Main St. Easthampton.
In this workshop each person will make their own portable Ofrenda, or memory box, by adding meaningful images and objects to a cigar box. Bring a print of a loved one and small objects you want to include.  More info and register at

5pm: Free Music and Dance Performance at the foot of Brookside Cemetery.
Emerging from the underworld, a group of women will perform “La Bruja,” a traditional dance that evokes the power of women as gatekeepers between life and death. Candle Lit Vigil and Poetic Remembrances along Cottage Street will follow.

6pm: View a traditional Day of the Dead Ofrenda at La Casita Azteca at 58 Cottage Street.
Sylvia Galvan, respected maestra of the Mexican community, will point out the symbolism of the altar and its roots in prehispanic America.  Traditional ponche will be served.

RAIN DATE for Music, Dance and Spoken Word Performance: Sunday, November 13th. Meet at the foot of Brookside Cemetery at 5pm sharp. Workshops will be held on Saturday rain or shine.

Day of the Dead Easthampton is conceived and organized by Michelle Marroquin with support by ECA+, La Casita Azteca, and many individuals who donate their time and talent. Live music by Pan Morigan and Tony Silva, Dance performances by The Team: Katelyn Cramer, Mayumi Doyama, Marya Moylan and Michelle Marroquin. Spoken Word artists: Alison Murchie, Corinne de Winter and Tam Fricke.

Click below to see Easthampton Media’s 10 minute documentary of the 2014 event, and the following link to see wonderful pictures at Katja Fournier’s photogallery.


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