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Please Wear Appropriate Attire is an award winning dance installation that occurred October 16-18, 2015 at a former cosmetic manufacturing building called Eastworks, in Easthampton, MA. Directed by Michelle Marroquin, it was the result of a year-long exploration on women, attire, and the pressure to conform.

The audience was guided through Eastworks to encounter dance at four different locations within the building. These included: an imaginary ride through the underworld of working women, a raucous fashion show featuring teenage dancers, and a luscious dance about the pleasure of movement. Between acts, guests were invited to contemplate the building’s unique character and history, view a photography exhibit of women in their work environments, and a video featuring interviews with working women.

Artistic Direction and Choreography by Michelle Marroquin

Musical Direction and Sound Score by Tony Silva

Performances by Michelle Marroquin, Marya Moylan, Katelyn Cramer, Mayumi Doyana and Danica Arehart

Guest Artists from the Williston Dance Ensemble of the Williston Northampton School

Live Music by Alisa Beaver (cello) and Elizabeth Rose (viola)

Costumes for Authenticity Project by Alicia Renadette

Photography Installation by Katja Fournier and Video Works by Sam Cramer


This project was made possible by a Mass Cultural Council grant, the support of Eastworks, and many generous donations from business and individuals in our community (see our indiegogo page).


Please Wear was the winner of ECA+’s 2015 E.A.T. Crowdfunding Event, and has been nominated for the Gold Star award by Easthampton City Arts+.