My Approach
I teach exercise as a vehicle for deeper embodiment; as a way to connect more intimately with ourselves, celebrate our body’s uniqueness and find deeper joy in being alive. I reject traditional notions associated with grit and pain, in which we are never fit enough, or there is always something to fix. Instead, I teach clients to move from the inside out and develop the body’s natural intelligence to move through the world with dignity and grace.

What We Do
In my one-on-one sessions I include personalized exercise, bodywork and movement coaching. You are guided through a 50 minute session that addresses your interests regarding stress relief, mobility, strength and longevity. I specialize in practices for graceful aging such as improving balance and joint health to keep my clients moving and thriving in every decade of life.

How and Where
We can work virtually so you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. I also teach in-person sessions at The Well Seed in Florence, Massachusetts. Would you like to book a free 15 minute time to talk? Please email me: