GYROKINESIS® Classes, April-June 2024

Based on principles of tai chi, yoga and dance, a Gyrokinesis class invokes gentle circular movements that sensitize, energize and work every part of the body. Special attention is given to the spine, shoulders and hips as these are freed from tension and chronic stiffness. It’s a class suitable for all bodies and levels of experience, and is performed seated, standing and on the floor. Students will get a thorough workout that is invigorating, fun and elegant.

When: April 28, May 19, June 30, Sundays from 11-12:15pm 
Where: Balanced Birch Studios, 77 Cowls Rd, Amherst, MA

More about this work:

GYROKINESIS® is focused primarily on mobility and continuous motion, circular movement patterns, and the flow of energy through the body. It emphasizes and seeks pleasure in movement and full range for all joints. It has the effect of inner stillness, groundedness and a sense of expansion in all directions. It also works with the breath for specific outcomes, such as building heat or cooling the body, amping energy or down regulating, creating a sense of floating and/or grounding, and building cardiovascular endurance.

Michelle has been teaching Gyrokinesis since the early 2000’s while living in New York City as a professional dancer. Here she discovered Juliu Horvath’s classes at White Cloud Studio and Leda Franklin’s Studio Riverside, where she taught for over 8 years.

This long apprenticeship in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® involved ongoing laboratories in movement rehabilitation and constant dialogue with a team of extraordinary teachers including: Miriam Barbosa, Erica Hassan, Gina Paolillo, Anne Sellery, Kate Pagliosotti, Heather Kenneally and Justine Bernard. During this period, Michelle attended Juliu’s classes continuosly, and taught a wide variety of people including dancers, people recovering from injuries and survivors of neurological events. Michelle has helped dozens of people discover how to move with ease, recover from injury and increase their movement efficiency.