Conservatively dressed women sit uncomfortably on chairs, subjects of an odd and undefinable ritual. High heels bounce, torsos heave and upturned bodies chew gum emphatically. From an unnamed malaise to tangled contact, to a contemporary folk dance for administrative professionals, Business Casual invites us to imagine the underworld of working women.

Performed by Michelle Marroquin, Marya Moylan, and Katelyn Cramer, Mayumi Doyama and Danica Arehart

Original Music by Tony Silva

2015 Performances

Springfield College Dance Concert, Springfield, MA. December 11-13.

Please Wear Appropriate Attire, Easthampton, MA. October 16-18.

Cultural Chaos, Easthampton, MA. June 13.

Dancing in the Streets Festival, Somerville, MA. June 19.

Grasshoppas in the Park, Cummington, MA. June 22.

See a video of a performance at Springfield College here!

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