At Full Moon Poetry Walk in the Orchard, I performed my first dive into this story, naming my duet with the sculpture “Persephone’s Diary.” I imagined her not as a goddess with grand significance, but as a woman awakening to a destiny she can not evade.

On the night of the winter solstice I danced again, this time at LOCAL Gallery. Joining me were with Tony Silva on guitar, artist Valerie Gilman, and Carolyn Cushing, poet, seeker of mysteries and tarot guide. We presented various facets of Persephone’s myth and her connection to the solstice.

I am now working on the next part of her story. I am particularly interested in how this Goddess’ ANGER has the power to transform a prisoner into a Queen. She must reckon with her fate and develop a sense of self worth that will emerge only from remembering her sacredness, her Mother & from stories of other women’s survival.

Questions? Reach out to me, let’s talk. Persephone’s story is rich with meaning for our times. I want to hear what’s on your mind.