Contemporary Ballet

This multi-level ballet class is based on a grounded/grounding approach to classical technique, influenced by a modern aesthetic and a love of yoga.  Class work explores basic positions and sequences, and borrows from a trove of world music to guide phrasing and interpretation.

Taught at Ascendance Dance  in Florence, MA

Dance for Teens at the Ascendance Summer Dance Intensive

The Ascendance Summer Intensive program gives dance students the opportunity to immerse themselves in creative and technical dance study in a safe, supportive, community educational environment. Students participate in 2-3 daily technique classes, explore their own creative movement ideas, and are introduced to yoga practice. Open to dancers with at least one year of dance training, focus is placed on technical clarity, expression and musicality, expanding movement vocabulary, and becoming a stronger, more versatile performer.

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Dance for Parkinson’s

Designed specifically for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and their spouses, family members and caregivers, these classes integrate various movement forms such as ballet, modern, folk dance, improvisation and other rhythmic dance styles to engage participants in an aesthetic experience that develops artistry while addressing various PD specific concerns such as balance, flexibility, coordination, isolation and depression.

Tuesdays 2:15-3:45 pm

Contact Fritha Pengelly at to sign up for the Northampton classes.

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